The University of Sydney was Australia's first university.

In the Rowland Sinclair Novels Edit

Selwyn Higgins is a professor of philosophy here.

History Edit

The university was started in 1850 by William Charles Wentworth, with the idea that it would give “the opportunity for the child of every class to become great and useful in the destinies of this country”. (University of Sydney website)

In 1881 women were admitted on equal footing with male students. Since the University was established it has been supported by prominent Sydney figures, e.g. John Henry Challis gave the University $32 million dollars in 1880.

Timeline Edit

From the University of Sydney's website:

1852 Edit

The University’s doors open with a focus on the classics, sciences and mathematics, as well as 'modern' subjects French, German and political thought.

Origins (1852–81) Edit

1856 First degrees given 1859 Great Hall opens 1874 University of Sydney Union (USU) established – the first in Australia 1880 John Henry Challis leaves us the equivalent of $32 million

1881 Edit

We become one of the first universities in world to admit female students.

Pictured: Female students enjoying afternoon tea outside the women's common room in around 1893. Photograph reproduced courtesy of University of Sydney Archives G3 224 367.

Turn of the century (1904–19) Edit

1904 Nigel Barker becomes our first Olympian at the St Louis games 1919 Faculties increase from four to 10 1919 Pioneering obstetrician and gynaecologist Dame Constance D’Arcy becomes the first woman elected to the University Senate.

1928 Edit

The University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon dedicated on Anzac Day to commemorate the 197 undergraduates, graduates and staff who died in the First World War.

Modernity (1920s–50s) Edit

1929 Students’ Representative Council formed 1929 First edition of Honi Soitgoes to print 1951 First PhDs awarded

1965 Edit

Charles Perkins leads the Freedom Ride bus tour of western and coastal NSW to fight for the rights of Indigenous Australians.

1960s and beyond Edit

1965 Honi Soit sends a reporter to Vietnam 1972 USU and Sydney University Women’s Union join forces 2008 Biggest ever fundraising drive, INSPIRED, launches 2012 'Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu' strategy launches to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation

2014 Edit

The Charles Perkins Centre, a cross-disciplinary research and education hub, opens to discover life-changing solutions to global health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

Alumni Edit

Gough Whitlam

Victor Chang

Michael Kirby

Mary Kostakidis

Clive James

Joan Sutherland

Charles Perkins

Edmund Barton

Noel Pearson

Marie Bashir

Graeme Clark

Anna Lau

John Bell

Jeni Klugman

Natalie Bennett

Geoffrey Robertson

Jack Manning Bancroft

John Kerr

Tony Abbott

John Howard

William McMahon

Earle Page

Malcolm Turnbull

Mike Baird

Geraldine Brooks

Les Murray

Jennifer Rowe

Peter Weir

Jessica Fox

John Cornforth

Robert Robinson

John Harsanyi

Bernard Katz

John Eccles

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