1930s Lace Vintage Dress

1930s Lace Vintage Dress

The upper class are the richer of society, who in the 1930s, often had close links with titles and monarchy.

History Edit

British Empire Board Game

British Empire Board Game

In 1931 the elite of Sydney are conservatives who cling to the empire.

By Country Edit

Australia Edit



The wealthy and upper class have their lives improved by the Great Depression. They still have money and the cost of living, with the wages, is decreasing. The people that are able to maintain a paying job are also seeing an increase in lifestyle. The wealthy were able to increase their living standards, which widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Many still wealthy families began to make their fortunes at this time, e.g. Sidney Myer and the Packer family.

Members Edit

Sinclair Family

Behind the Scenes Edit

Gentill states that she made Rowly a member of the upper class, because in this way he wouldn't need to worry about things like jobs and money while solving crimes.

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