Siddy Kelly's Sydney House

Siddy Kelly's Sydney House

Woodlands House is a house in Sydney belonging to Rowland Sinclair and home to many of his friends.

History Edit

The Lincoln café, Rowe St, Sydney, 1948-5

The Lincoln café, Rowe St, Sydney, 1948-5

It is the Sydney residence of the Sinclairs, that has hosted a succession of artists, writers and poets over the years. Some stay a short time and others longer. Some come to live and work in an atmosphere of creativity while others because they have no where else.

Occupants Edit

Rowland Sinclair

Edna Higgins (since 1929)

Appearance Edit

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930

It is a mansion situated in Woollahra. The grounds of Woodland house were immaculate and traditional. There is a front hedge that is distant from the house itself and sits next to a street light. This hedge faces golf links and the Sydney Harbour.

There is a life-size portrait of Henry Sinclair in the drawing room, where Rowly often paints. It is on the wall behind his wingback chair.

Media Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

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